COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho, May 6, 2024 (ACCESSWIRE) – Idaho Strategic Resources, Inc. (NYSE American: IDR) (“IDR”, “Idaho Strategic” or the “Company”) is pleased to provide the following President’s Letter to Stakeholders:

First and most importantly, I want to start by acknowledging the impressive first quarter results released today. And while some may be quick to attribute our results to the strong performance of the gold price during the quarter, I believe that would be a disservice to our mine and mill operations team, years of work and the fact that you must be present to win. It is true that the price of gold during the quarter had a very meaningful impact to our Company’s financials, but the metric I find most impressive is the 80.6% increase in gold ounces produced compared to the same period in 2023. In short, our team at IDR has been firing on all cylinders. The miners and millwrights have put the ownness on the geologists to continue finding high-grade gold, which has put the ownness on me to provide our geologists with the exploration budget and resources that our team, and the Murray Gold Belt (MGB), have earned.

With Q2 underway, we are preparing for an extremely busy summer and fall. I expect our explorations efforts ahead of production at the Golden Chest to continue and our exploration of the greater MGB District to increase materially. I am also personally excited for our first ever drill program at our Eastern Star property planned for early June. Eastern Star is a property that I loaned the Company the money for in the early days; before we even had full ownership of the Golden Chest Mine. And while Eastern Star is a relatively underexplored and undeveloped project, it checks many of the boxes we look for – located on private land in Idaho within a historically productive mining district, historic ‘back of the napkin’ resource estimates, and with high-grade gold at the surface.

In addition to the expected increase in exploration, is the planned construction of a paste backfill plant onsite at the Golden Chest. The paste backfill plant is something that our team has wanted for quite some time, and we expect it will result in both cost savings and greater overall operating efficiency. Additionally, the building that will be constructed to house the paste backfill plant is designed to be built large enough for a future mill, which is a key part of our overall plans for the greater MGB District.

As we have discussed, we felt that our REE projects (and the federal efforts around critical minerals) was advanced by many years in 2023. High grade samples from our Mineral Hill and Lemhi projects have been supplied to three national labs and a couple of universities for study of separation, processing, and tailing technologies. We view the specificity in the development of these specialized technologies as a distinct advantage for IDR, along with our team having a sense of pride to be involved in potential domestic REE supply chain solutions for our country. Furthermore, also as discussed, our operational experience and track record have added a competitive advantage that few, if any, can replicate – especially when tied to a favorable jurisdiction and high-grade REEs. At IDR we are cognizant of fundamental shifts in focus and cooperation and have provided feedback in regard to bringing “R&D” support to the resource development level. We are hopeful that additional support at the state and/or federal level, including cost sharing and discussion around regional processing solutions, will come to fruition this year. All in all, IDR has a unique and earned position within the REE space that has attracted attention from investors and others within the industry.

Needless to say, I am very bullish on the future of IDR, which brings me to my second topic of discussion. Some of you may have seen (or will see) the filing of a form 144(s) indicating that I plan to sell roughly 10% of my stockholdings in IDR. This decision is in no way an indication of a lack of belief in the Company’s future as I continue as IDR’s largest shareholder following this transaction. My decision to sell a small portion of my holdings was made for personal estate planning reasons unrelated to my expectation of the Company’s current and future performance. And while I recognize that the mention of my selling is not required in this format, I felt that context may be appreciated by some, and certainly deserved by those who have been long term supporters. I am as energized as ever over Idaho Strategic’s future, we are doing good things for the communities where we operate and making a direct impact on the families of our employees. I am especially looking forward to the busy summer and fall we have ahead.

John Swallow

President & CEO, Idaho Strategic Resources, Inc.

About Idaho Strategic Resources, Inc.

Idaho Strategic Resources (IDR) is an Idaho-based gold producer which also owns the largest rare earth elements land package in the United States. The Company’s business plan was established in anticipation of today’s volatile geopolitical and macroeconomic environment. IDR finds itself in a unique position as the only publicly traded company with growing gold production and significant blue-sky potential for rare earth elements exploration and development in one Company.

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