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Idaho Gold Producer – Critical Minerals (Rare Earth Elements)

Idaho Strategic Resources Inc, headquartered in North Idaho, is the rare example of a vertically integrated and operating junior mining company. As a current gold producer (exploration, drilling, mining and milling) with an expanded focus on identifying and exploring Critical Minerals (Rare Earth Minerals), the company possesses the in-house skillsets of a much larger company – while enjoying the flexibility of a smaller and more entrepreneurial corporate structure. In addition to gold and its monetary status/store of value for over 2,000 years, we feel the future will reward those that recognize fiat currency risk and the continued decline in the purchasing power of the dollar. The allocation of our time is geared toward tangible and intangible assets considered a “store of value regardless of the medium of exchange”.

IDR’s production-based strategy, by design, provides the flexibility to advance the Murray Gold Belt and/or our Critical Minerals holdings ourselves or with a strategic partner that is consistent with our existing philosophy and culture. And while we are working toward expanding production and putting drills to work, we will continue to look at opportunities that fit within our business model and avoid less than desirable deal structures so often seen in the junior mining space.

Experience tells us that the process of successful exploration is reliant on both experience and the ability to stay in the game. In addition to our “production-based” approach to district consolidation and exploration longevity, our longstanding belief is that prudent portfolio management dictates having 5-10% exposure to gold and other hard assets. IDR was purposely positioned to be a reasonable candidate for the portion of a person’s 5-10% hard-asset allocation targeted at the more speculative blue sky of discovery – in addition to their less speculative larger company investments.

As IDR enters a new decade, the evolution into our two-pronged strategy is the direct result of reopening and walking through the doors of history. In order to pivot toward production-based exploration it was first necessary to reach commercial production while simultaneously consolidating the Murray Gold Belt for the first time in over 100 years. Production (and the convergence of everything that goes along with it) has provided the necessary scaffolding toward our ongoing focus on investment and becoming a successful Idaho-based company.

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