New Jersey Mill

Idaho Strategic built and is the majority-owner and operator of a fully-permitted, 360 tonne per day (tpd) flotation mill located in North Idaho’s Silver Valley, just two miles east of Kellogg, along Interstate 90.

The New Jersey Mill is currently being utilized for production from the Golden Chest Mine. The mill has demonstrated its value and potential as a regional processing center for the World-Class Coeur d’Alene Mining District.

Idaho Strategic is in the evaluation process to build a new mill (the “Murray Gold Belt Mill), paste backfill plant, and tailings facility on-site at the Golden Chest Mine. The Murray Gold Belt Mill will have initial capacity of 400 tpd and have the expansion potential up to 1,000 tpd. The Murray Gold Belt Mill is expected to serve the Golden Chest Mine and future deposits within the Murray Gold Belt.

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DEQ Water Conservation Award

The New Jersey Mill is pioneering new pollution prevention efforts at its ore processing facility in Kellogg, Idaho. The Silver Valley has long been one of the world’s most productive mining areas, and Idaho Strategic Resources has committed to reducing the impact that mining operations have on the environment. By changing the way that ore is processed, the company has significantly reduced its water use and improved mineral extraction. Saving approximately 50 Million Gallons of Water per year when in full production.

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