Idaho Strategic REE Programs

Idaho Strategic is currently involved in two Rare Earth Element programs, working alongside organizations such as the United States Geologic Survey (USGS), Association of American State Geologists, Idaho Geologic Survey (IGS), Idaho National Labs (INL), the University of Idaho, Center for Advanced Energy Studies, Idaho Dept. of Commerce, and others. It is our belief that the importance of these partnerships isn’t their size, but the significance of the participants involved and the fact that these programs are being created in the first place.

Both programs, the Earth Mapping Resource Initiative (Earth MRI) and the Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM), are aimed at laying the groundwork and building a foundation, not only for future Rare Earth Element (REE) expansion and discovery, but also for sustainable separation and processing of the minerals. The recently approved IGEM project, in particular, is a program designed by the University of Idaho with support from INL, IGS, and Idaho Strategic to develop environmentally friendly and economic processing technologies using the core from our 2022 Diamond Creek Drill Program. 

On both occasions, Idaho Strategic did not actively seek participation and was approached to participate by others involved in the programs as an industry partner. The reality of the situation further solidifies our long-standing belief that by controlling the Diamond Creek and Roberts REE properties, and having proven ourselves as a sustainable Idaho-based producer with the necessary knowledge/skillset to advance our properties from exploration to production, we have guaranteed ourselves a seat at the table and the ability to remain an important part of the Rare Earth Element conversation.


Idaho Global Entrepreneurial Mission (IGEM) Project

Participants: University of Idaho, Idaho National Labs (INL), Idaho Geologic Survey (IGS), Center for Advance Energy Studies, Idaho Dept. of Commerce, and Idaho Strategic Resources (IDR)

Project Focus: Development of Idaho-Sourced Rare Earth Elements Drilling and Extraction

  • When – IDR Rare Earth Element drill program to begin June/July 2022
  • Where – Diamond Creek Project (near Salmon, Idaho)
  • Plan – 8-10 holes, >2,100 meters of drilling, mapping, sampling, and geophysics
  • Focus –  Neodymium (Nd), Praseodymium (Pr), and Yttrium (Y)


Earth Mapping Resource Initiative (Earth MRI)

Participants: United States Geologic Survey (USGS), Association of American State Geologists, Idaho Strategic Resources (IDR), and other Federal, State, and Private companies.

Project Focus: To provide Airborne Survey Mapping, Magnetic and Radiometric Signatures to Industry

  • When – Fall/Winter/Spring 2021-2022
  • Where – Covers Diamond Creek, Roberts and the surrounding area
  • Goal – Decrease our reliance on foreign sources of minerals fundamental to the Nation’s security and economy
  • Focus – Complete a preliminary data inventory of geologic framework and minerals