COEUR D’ALENE, Idaho, January 2, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — New Jersey Mining Company (CSE/OTCQB:NJMC) (“NJMC” or the “Company”) distributed the following letter to Shareholders from NJMC President & CEO John Swallow:

Dear Employees and Shareholders,

A generous Thank You and Happy New Year to everyone in the New Jersey Family.  New Jersey has eight father/son/daughter teams, one husband/wife, and a number of other relationships equally deserving of our sincere and well-intentioned gratitude…. once again, Thank You!

Looking beyond the day to day, this is naturally the time of year for reflection.  We all play a part in the ecosystem and do quite a bit with what we have.  Our style of building the business/production, adding to the base of value and de-risking exploration while providing the potential for a major discovery – is starting to become evident.  The short version is this; these things just take time – that no detail is too small (money is made in the margins), that together our knowledge/opinions are more valuable than each of us alone…. and that there really are no short-cuts.  Simply put, listening to all aspects of the business (no matter how large or small) is how your New Jersey Mining Company became an independent gold producer and is currently drilling for its own account.

The tangible and intangible value of our team, partners, knowledge base, asset base, market cap, and share price have increased steadily over time (and in some areas grown exponentially).  We harvested a few seeds in 2018 and put considerable effort and expense into planting many more.  So as we take this break and poke our heads up and look around, it is necessary to notice that our path is still firmly “up and to the right” and feel proud of our accomplishments.  And while we aren’t cueing up the dancing gopher and singing “I’m alright” from Caddyshack just yet, NJMC is one of the rare junior companies in our industry that has proven it can be a vertically integrated exploration, mining and milling (and drilling) company on its own.  We have a success-based plan and NJMC is a business firmly looking to the future.

There has been a market for gold for over 2,000 years.  The team, knowledge and assets are in place – and we are now working for ourselves.

See you in 2019.


John Swallow

President & CEO

About New Jersey Mining Company

New Jersey Mining Company is headquartered in North Idaho, where it is producing gold at its Golden Chest Mine. Gold was first discovered in the Coeur d’Alene District within the Murray Gold Belt in 1879, but by 1888 mining declined as the center of activity and demand for labor shifted to the Silver Valley following the discovery of the Bunker Hill, Sunshine, Lucky Friday, and other iconic regional mines. The rebirth of the long-forgotten Murray Gold Belt has been led by NJMC, as evidenced by production from open-pit and underground operations at the Golden Chest Mine, its extensive land package and superior knowledge of the district gained from current development and production, and ongoing exploration activities.

NJMC has established a high-quality, early to advanced-stageasset base in three historic mining districts of Idaho and Montana, which includes the currently producing Golden Chest Mine. The Company’s objective is to use its considerable in-house skill sets to build a portfolio of mining and milling operations, with a longer-term vision of becoming a mid-tier producer. Management is shareholder focused and owns more than 15-percent of NJMC stock.

The Company’s common stock trades on the OTC-QB and CSEMarket under the symbol “NJMC.”

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