Responsible Development Today

Modern mining methods and technologies including the Paste Tailings method pioneered by Idaho Strategic create the ability to develop our mineral resources while also protecting, repairing and supporting the environment, as shown in these images of the Golden Chest Mine area from 1886 and today.

The Golden Chest property area looks better today – during IDR operations – than it did over 100 years ago. The two photos above are of the Golden Chest property and surrounding land.  One photo reflects how the area appeared in 1886 (prior to a majority of mining activity), and the other is a current day photo of the same general location.

We feel that responsible natural resource development/management should be properly regulated in the United States – where established norms and controls exist.  Furthermore, we believe that demand will not go away, it will gravitate to jurisdictions that may not have adequate structural controls in place or the kind of environmental standards supported in this country.