Historic Preservation/Community Revitalization- The North Idaho Museum

Originally built in 1903 as the personal residence to one of Coeur d’Alene’s most influential businessmen, the J.C. White House served as an iconic downtown landmark for many years. J.C. White was most famous for founding and operating The Red Collar Steamship Company, which was one of Coeur d’Alene’s first tourist attractions, and for building the first railroad to connect Coeur d’Alene too Spokane. The J.C. White House most recently operated as a wedding venue, but was closed down and prepped for demolition in order to build downtown condos. John Swallow has a reputation for seeing/creating value in areas that others have overlooked so he championed the saving of the turn-of-the-century house. After a two-year process and countless hours of work, John and his team moved the house to its new location adjacent to a popular downtown lakeside park. He is currently tasked with overseeing restoration/renovation of the J.C. White House with an end use as the new home for the Museum of North Idaho.